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This page will help you to find your way around the GENUKI hierarchy. It focuses on the key areas you will need to know about for your research, and provides an explanation of their relation to each other, and to the whole. There is a Site Map diagram, which represents the levels of the GENUKI structure: the UK & Ireland, Regions within the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands), followed by the (pre-1834) Counties (shires), which lead to a number of Parish pages. To supplement the diagram, there's a description of some of the additional key areas, such as the Search Engine and the GENUKI Gazetteer.




Level 229
Information relating
to the whole of the
U.K. and Ireland
similar page layout to England41
similar layout to England45


Information relating
to the whole of
Level 329
other Counties
in England12
County Page
other Counties
in England15
Information relating
to the whole of
this County
Index of
Towns and
This index may be on the county page
but is normally on a separate page, and
in the case of Yorkshire, on 4 pages.24
other Towns & Parishes
in this County42
Parish / Town
e.g. Derby43
other Towns & Parishes
in this County45

The information contained on any given parish/town page is dependent on the amount of
time which the maintainer of the County has available to add the information and of course
the amount of information available to him or her. In some cases, the parish/town page may
not exist, and in others there will be extensive information such as transcriptions of parish
records, gazetteers, directories, photographs etc. under the various topic headings.



In order to navigate down the hierarchy, a list of the items in the next level down is provided on the relevant pages. To navigate up the hierarchy, links are provided at the top of each page which will enable you to go up a level or in some cases to skip one or more levels.


All names in blue in the diagram above are active hyper-links.


It should be noted that at each level in the hierarchy, information is arranged under the same alphabetically-ordered set of topic headings, e.g. Biography, Census, Church Records, Description & Travel, History, Maps, Probate Records, etc. For further guidance see "How this Information Service is Organised", and for a full list of possible topic headings see How the information on this server is presented to the user.

Search the GENUKI site

If you are having difficulty finding the information you require, the GENUKI site Search is available from every GENUKI page.

GENUKI Gazetteer

If you need to find a place in the United Kingdom or determine which of our pages contain information about it, then the GENUKI Gazetteer provides a comprehensive range of search options.


GENUKI Church Database

If you are looking for information about a Church or Cemetery, or would like to find out which of our pages may contain information about it, then the GENUKI Church Database may be of assistance.


Surname Interests Lists

There are a large number of listings of the surnames being researched by various Internet users. Details can be found in the listing of all the Surname Lists available. and also under the heading "Genealogy" on the appropriate county pages.


Genealogy Discussion Groups

A number of Discussion Groups exist covering various parts of the country. A very wide range of research interests are covered, and joining the appropriate group could be beneficial.



If you have a number of ancestors from a particular area, then you will find it beneficial to join the Family History Society covering that area. Look in our list of Family History and Genealogy Societies for more information about them.