Guidance for First-Time Users of These Pages


Aim and Scope of the Service

The aim of GENUKI is to serve as a "virtual reference library" of genealogical information that is of particular relevance to the UK & Ireland. It is a non-commercial service, provided by an ever-growing group of volunteers in cooperation with the Federation of Family History Societies and a number of its member societies.

In the main, the information that is provided in GENUKI relates to primary historical material, rather than material resulting from genealogists' ongoing research, such as GEDCOM files. (Its role is thus very different from Internet-based services such as the Roots Surname List, and the soc.genealogy.surnames.britain / soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland newsgroups, that help genealogists find others researching the same family, and to exchange their research results with them.)

As well as to the Roots Surname List, you can submit your information to the LDS Pedigree Resource Files - then anyone using the LDS Church's Family Search will be able to see it and share with you in due course.

Note: The information provided by GENUKI must not be used for commercial purposes, and all specific restrictions concerning usage, copyright notices, etc., that are to be found on individual information pages within GENUKI must be strictly adhered to. Violation of these rules could gravely harm the cooperation that GENUKI is obtaining from many information providers, and hence threaten its whole future.

How this Information Service is Organised

If you are just a user of the service then you will only need to concern yourself with how the information is presented to you as a user. After reading it you will know how to readily find any information relevant to the area in which you are searching. No permission or registration is needed for accessing the information in GENUKI, and you can print it or make an electronic copy for your own use only. If you want to publish information from GENUKI in printed or electronic form, see "About GENUKI as an organisation".

The providers of the information are documented in the providers list. If you have any comments about specific areas they can be contacted individually, but if you wish to send to us all then look at mailing to us. Please do NOT send us general genealogical queries as it is very unlikely that we have the expertise (or time) to answer them. It may seem impolite but do not expect any reply to such queries. The various Genealogy Discussion Groups are the places to ask questions!.

About GENUKI as an Organisation

GENUKI is an charitable trust with a trust deed. The trustees are the following contributors:
Malcolm Austen, Peter Christian, Ken Greenslade, Colin Hinson, Andrew MillardBrian Randell, and Phil Stringer.

An Executive Team, whose current membership is Ken Greenslade, Phil Stringer and Brian Randell, is responsible for day-to-day operations, in accordance with these Governance Guidelines.

Post, phone and fax contact:
GENUKI, c/o Peter Christian, 123 Victoria Way, London SE7 7NX

The word GENUKI is a registered trademark.

You can copy short extracts from a few web pages of GENUKI into your family history in printed or electronic form, free of charge and without seeking permission. Please acknowledge GENUKI as the source. For permission for any commercial use, any copy of a substantial section of text or many small sections, any copy of a graphic, map or picture. pease contact Peter Christian (by email to permissions@genuki.org.uk or to the address above) in the first instance specifying the material and web page. The question will also be referred to the maintainer of the individual page.

GENUKI is not affiliated to any commercial service. Where we provide links to commercial services this is for information only and does not imply any endorsement. We do not accept any commercial advertising on the GENUKI service.

Helping provide GENUKI information

If you find the information provided by GENUKI is useful, and you would like to help help us expand it even further, then look at Help Us page.

Published Papers about This Service


GENUKI WWW Page Analysis

The GENUKI WWW pages are automatically analysed by a program which produces, statistics, detects broken links and produces information to help with indexing. This information is of use to the GENUKI maintainers to assist them keep the information contained on the pages up-to-date. The maintainers page lists the names of all our maintainers and the sections of the site for which they are responsible.

We are building a church database and have a page of statistics to assist in its maintenance.


During the lifetime of the GENUKI service we have received a number of awards and reviews.


We have a number of items that can be used for publicity e.g. on stands at fairs, lectures etc.

Copyright and Accuracy

Unless otherwise stated, all material on the GENUKI web-site is subject to UK Copyright law, and may be used for personal research only. It is not to be distributed elsewhere, either to your own, or to any other website. For further information see our Statement of Copyright and Accuracy, which also includes a description of the standards we adhere to in our transcriptions.